The Kilmore & Wallan Wellness Centre brings to you, Strong4Balance, a fun and interactive program aimed at building strength, stability and confidence through a well-structured initiative for those within the community who are identified as being most at risk from falls. We will run a series of group sessions that will include:

• Education • Exercises • Practical application • Home based activities

Using information and activities developed by our podiatry team, we at The Kilmore & Wallan Podiatry Clinic will deliver a well-rounded and holistic approach to improving or maintaining your quality of life. Falls-Prevention-Image

Do you fit one of the five most common reason for unexplained falls?

• Inappropriate Footwear • Claw Toes/ Bunions • Experience sudden or chronic pain • Are you taking more than 3 regular medications? • Have you experienced a fall in the last 12 months?

Kilmore & Wallan Podiatry Clinic are holding an information session for those who are interested in joining in on our Strong4Balance group sessions.

When:   Thursday 13th October      Time:   3.30pm

Where:   John Taylor Room, Kilmore Library     

Cost:   FREE