shutterstock_2906Towards Wellness - 12939-WEBWe all have different strengths and weaknesses but finding out what you are really good at and using those talents can increase wellbeing.

Using your strengths to help others or contribute to the community creates a sense of meaning and purpose.

Not sure what your strengths are?

  1. Ask! Don’t be afraid to ask someone – whether it is your boss, a work colleague, a friend or family member, you may be surprised how much others notice your strengths even when you don’t!
  2. What do you enjoy? We often get joy out of doing things that we’re good at, so thinking about tasks that you find enjoyable and come easily to you will help you find your strengths
  3. Think back to your childhood. Memories of what you enjoyed and were good at as a child will often be the same or similar to what your strengths and passions are as an adult.