Special Offer – 2nd Pair of Orthotics

Are you tired of switching your custom orthotics from shoe to shoe? Do you have trouble fitting your beloved orthotics comfortably in your dress shoes? Investing in a second pair of custom orthotics can help!

With a second pair of custom orthotics, you can have one for your everyday shoes and another for your work shoes, outdoor boots or dress shoes. This means you won’t have to compromise on comfort or support when you need to change your shoes for different activities.


Custom orthotics come in different sizes and styles, including slimline versions that fit easily into dress shoes. With a second pair of orthotics, you can have one for every occasion and never have to worry about discomfort or pain again.

Good news: Getting a 2nd set is much quicker, easier and cheaper than your first set. We can simply order a new set for you, no appointment needed. If you require a slightly different fit, such as a slimmer style for dress shoes, you can let us know via email and we will arrange this for you. 

Special Offer: order your 2nd set before June 15th 2023 and you can lock in the special price of $299 instead of the usual $350.

So why wait? Take advantage of the Kilmore & Wallan Podiatry Clinic’s special sale and get a second pair of custom orthotics today. Your feet (and your dress shoes) will thank you!

Simply email [email protected] and ask for another set of your custom orthotics.