Diabetic Foot Care

Our podiatrists can perform diabetic foot assessments in the clinic.

At Kilmore & Wallan Podiatry we take pride in assessing and managing diabetic feet. Diabetes can affect the body in numerous ways and can often affect the feet. The feet can be affected in several ways, such as reduced blood flow to the feet and reduced nerve function in the feet.

We conduct thorough testing on the blood supply to your feet, the nerves in your feet, check the skin and nails on your feet, check for deformities or biomechanical problems.

A comprehensive diabetic foot assessment will involve:

  • Vascular assessment: The blood supply to your feet will be assessed using a Doppler ultrasound, assessing the artery health in your feet and seeing how well blood is travelling from heart all the way to your big toe. This can aid us in assessing healing response and likelihood for infections.
  • Neurological assessment: Nerves in the feet are tested by using certain tools and measuring how well you feel the pressure or vibration.
  • Dermatological assessment: we observe the health of your skin and nails, and identifying potential risks for wounds, such us corns or ingrown toenails
  • Biomechanical assessment: we assess foot posture and function, and make note of any structure or function that could be a high pressure area. Any bony deformity (like a bunion or hammertoe) can create more pressure on one area and become a risk for developing wounds.

We use all of these findings to determine your level of risk of developing diabetic foot complications, and can then tailor a management plan specifically for you.

Our podiatrists will closely monitor your feet and perform diabetic foot checks as necessary to help keep your feet happy and healthy!