A paraffin wax bath involves pouring warm wax over the feet, and leaving the wax on the feet for 20-30 minutes. The wax has a high heat capacity, so as the wax becomes hard on the feet, it transfers a steady heat to the feet.

This can be beneficial in those who suffer with cold feet in winter, especially for those who are prone to chilblains.

Having 1-3 wax bath treatments at the start of winter can help a lot in preventing chilblains. This is because the wax bath allows the small blood vessels in the feet to open up and improve blood-flow. These smaller blood vessels will often constrict in response to the cold, as our body focuses on ensuring all blood-flow is directed to our core where our vital organs are. This constriction of the blood vessels can lead to tissue damage in the toes, which can turn into chilblains. Chilblains will often be sore and itchy.

This June we will be offering wax baths for $40 for a 30 minute session (usually $63).